Introduction to Strategic Science Teaching (SST)

Welcome to the Strategic Science Teaching website. Through the integration of literature and the 5E Learning Cycle, students and teachers make important connections in order to facilitate understanding of science concepts.

This Website:

  • introduces you to the Strategic Science Teaching resource guide;
  • provides video-based science and literature model lessons with commentary;
  • illustrates and explains the 5E Learning Model;
  • includes a template to guide in the development of your own 5E science and literature lessons;
  • lists a variety of resources for you to further explore related topics.

The SST Guide:

The Strategic Science Teaching (SST) resource guide provides grade-level specific lessons that represent the integration of science concepts, literature readings, and teaching strategies.

Use the links to the right to download the entire guide, learning strategies, or grade-level lessons.

Video-based Model Lessons:

While showcasing many key elements from the Strategic Science Teaching guide, the "Model Lesson" section of this website provides video commentary related to sample lessons from four grade level strands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each grade level model is presented in three segmented themes:

  • Science Content & Inquiry Strategies
  • Literature Integration & the Common Core State Standards
  • Teaching Strategies

View Model Lesson Commentaries

Download SST Lesson Plans:

Lessons: Grades K-2

Lessons: Grades 3-5

Lessons: Grades 6-8

Lessons: Grades 9-12